Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine Card

Happy Wednesday!
Today has been a pretty good day here at home.  Finally have a grasp on hubby's health problems.  While not the big 'C' (Cancer) is still a difficult time for him.  He has a condition that is similar to an autoimmune disease that is wreaking havoc on body systems, including lungs, liver, spleen, and various lymph nodes.  And to top it off, the primary medication to manage his condition has trigger hyperglycemia (Diabetes).  Poor guy...can't seem to get ahead.    BUT at least now (after months & months of doctor visits, surgeries, tests) we have a diagnosis and a treatment plan, and we can move forward.  Yay!!

In the bit of lowered stress time, I have been crafting away..and I wanted to share with you just one of my little creations. 

Don't you love it??
The card was created using some printed cardstock from Hobby Lobby and some solid cardstock from my stash.   The heart 'band' and inside mat was highlighted with Stickles. 
I just love this card.  It reminds me of my oldest daughter's room.  Her room was painted with these exact colors/shades.  Ahhh.....memories.............

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