About Me

A little about myself..........
I am a happy married to the love of my life.   We live in Wisconsin (Go Packers!) with our four youngest children, ages 15, 7, 5, & 3.  
Our 15 year old attends the local high school, while I homeschool the younger three.  We chose to homeschool as a result of their backgrounds.  You see, they are adopted.  And each has a unique story and their own set of special needs. 
To help kids who have been in the foster system and/or adopted heal, lifebooks are strongly recommended by experts.  So, I set to create their lifebooks.  Little did I know that my love for crafting would blossom as a result.  I LOVED creating their books.  I enjoyed watching the pages come to life with each child's personality.  The books are a living project...as the children grow, so do the books. 
While creating their books, my husband noticed how much fun I was having.  He witnessed how much I enjoyed tailoring each book to my child, being able to see my creations come to life.  So he bought me my first Cricut for Valentine's Day that year. 
That was all it took....I was hooked. 
Here I am 3 years later....swamped in crafty supplies and loving it. 

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