Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!
A new year means new beginnings. 
For my family, that means more forgiveness and consideration.  Well, mostly from me to my husband.  As many of you can probably relate...after a number of years together, the little things you used to love about your spouse just annoys you.  :-)    Needless to say, with a teenager, three little ones (now fully adopted), and the pressure and demand for my husband to bring home the bacon which takes him on jobs several states away for months at a time, I have let the little things I loved about him become small points of annoyance.  But the end of 2013 brought a real health scare for him.  While he was going through a series of tests, scans, and surgery, our life suddenly became uncertain.  How long will we have?  How will the kids handle all of this?  How can this be?   Thankfully the results of the tests and the official diagnosis are not as severe as expected.  The diagnosis is still an adjustment, and it will be a driving force in our everyday lives.  But now our future is not as uncertain as it was just last week. 
My new year's resolution is to enjoy my husband more, to be more patient and forgiving with him.  And I will get in front of the camera with him more and document what he means to me, and to our family.
Another big thing for me......... I have been invited to be a guest designer for Samantha Walker!  I am so honored, and excited, to be part of this team.  Her SVG files are wonderful and so fun to work with.  Stay tuned for more projects.......


  1. So happy for the better results and congrats on the Design Team.

  2. Praise God for better then you expected test results! Prayers for you all to manage this new way of life easily. It's sad that a tragedy, or a potential one, makes us stop in our steps to examine our lives together. At least hare able to become a better person and spouse because of it.
    Congrats on the DT spot! Look forward to your creations!