Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pop-up Flower Tutorial by Tonya

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Tonya here with my first Guest Designer post for Samantha Walker Designs.  
I am excited to share my ideas & projects with you.   
While looking at other crafter's blogs, I came across a flower pop up card, and thought to myself - 'I would love to be able to make that!'  As I scrolled through the post, I saw the picture of a lily version.  Lilies remind me of my parents.  Lilies are my mother's favorite flower; and my daddy used to send Easter Lilies to me and my sisters every Spring, before his passing in '98.  I knew I wanted to try my hand at a lily version, of my own. 
The instructions in the post show how to cut an 8 petal flower with a die cut machine (she provides a free file), then hand cut to make a 7 petal flower.  Her file provides a rounded petal flower...and I wanted a lily like flower.  I figured I could create a file with my Silhouette software to fit what I wanted.  
With that in mind, I headed to the Silhouette Store to look through Samantha's files.  I did not find a flower file that perfectly suited my needs.  So I thought I could adapt/create one. 
 Samantha's Lattice Flower Circle file (#23491)  worked nicely as a starting point. 
I created an internal offset for the flower outline.  To do this, I highlighted the image and clicked on the offset icon (upper right).  I put the offset distance as 0.150.  This created a more pointed flower petal (closer to a lily petal) and moved the offset away from the image so that it was easier for me to drag it away from the base cut file. 
 Next, I moved the offset away from the base file, and deleted the original image. 
For the flower, I needed 7 petals, and this one had 8.  I used the knife tool to cut away one petal.  I lined up my curser so that the crossbars were centered between the top and side petals to find the midpoint of the flower, and 'cut' from the center out.

 Next, I created score lines between the petals for folding.  I used the same method as the knife tool above, drawing dashed lines from the center out between each petal.    
To keep the pieces together, I highlighted all the parts and grouped them. 
Since these were to be lilies, I needed some stamens.  I used a stamen (top) from Samantha's Hawaiian Hisbiscus Flowers (#4170).  
All I needed to do was duplicate the flowers to the number needed for the card (7 total), and size the stamens accordingly. 
*Note* - there are 14 stamens in my file, instead of 7.  This is just in case a couple do not cut cleanly or I make a mistake/rip one while embellishing the stamens.  
The stamens are not yellow in the original file.  I tend to 'color' my pieces so when I cut them out, I have a visual reference. 
Here are my flowers - one assembled (center) and 6 unfinished.  The flowers were dry embossed for detail.  I cut the stamens out of the same white cardstock as the flowers.  They were colored with a Wild Honey Distress Marker mixed with water and highlighted with yellow Stickles


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    Do you sell the completed file for the flowers? I am wanting to make a card like this for Mother's Day.